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From the State of Florida Emergency Management Office

Hurricane  Critical Supplies List

June 1ST marks the start of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs until November 30th. This year, experts are forecasting an above-average year for tropical development. Though the state of Florida has avoided a land-falling hurricane the last five years, it is important to remember how dangerous and devastating these powerful storms can be. Even tropical storms can produce widespread and devastating impacts; Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 being a recent example and the phrase “it’s just a tropical storm” should also instill a mindset of preparedness.

Florida is the hurricane capital of the United States and no matter where you live in the Sunshine State; you are vulnerable to the effects of a hurricane. History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Pre-season forecasts can estimate how many storms may develop within a given season, but they cannot tell where storms will make landfall.

Disaster Supply KitNow is the time to make preparations so that you can protect yourself, your home and your business in the event that tropical system threatens your area. Residents and visitors should stay informed of the latest information during an approaching storm by monitoring a trusted local information outlet, and knowing when to put your family disaster plan into action. The best way for residents to make their families, homes and businesses safer is to be prepared before a disaster happens.

A personal disaster plan and a well-stocked, disaster supply kit are essential tools to ensure your family’s safety and security during a hurricane. Residents and businesses can prepare for the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season now by going to, where you can create a personal disaster plan and a business disaster plan.

Building a disaster supply kit is a simple and effective way to make sure a family has enough water, food, medicine and other essential supplies when other resources may not be readily available. Different families have different needs, so residents need to be sure to take into account their family’s specific needs. A list of recommended items that should be placed in a disaster supply kit can be found on

Another important outlet you can use to help your family prepare for this hurricane season is This fun, interactive website presents basic weather safety and emergency preparedness concepts through age-appropriate activities and stories. While online, kids can play games that teach them how to build a disaster supply kit and understand other essential safety facts.

Tropical system hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. These are all threats to the Sunshine State during Hurricane Season and this means it is important for your family to have a plan that includes all of these hazards. The National Hurricane Center will issue Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watches and Warnings when these conditions are expected along a specific coastal area.