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Inverrary Association Entrance Waterfall Repairs

As many of you are aware, the waterfall has required substantial repair. We became aware that cracks in the upper bowl were causing destructive erosion along the western side of the waterfall. After stopping the flow, it was observed that the pump had been pumping a considerable amount of muck/moist dirt and had deposited nearly 3 feet of this muck in the upper bowl as well as the secondary bowls. So prior to being able to repair the bowls, it was necessary to remove the muck. 

After removing the muck, the cracks were repaired and it was observed by our personnel that the cracks were a result of trees around the bowls. While crack repairs were in progress, we had the City Arbortist approved the removal of the problems trees as well as authorizing the removal of most of the underbrush. This underbrush was allowing homeless persons to actually live in the area around and on top of the waterfall. 

Additionally, during the repairs we also installed retaining walls on the west side of the upper and the steps leading to the entrance of the Pump House.

I have posted the pictures of the process at our web page and you can view them by clicking on this link: